About Erwin Waterlander

Born Aug 17 1968, St. Nicolaasga, the Netherlands. Received the B.Sc. degree, with honors, in Electrical Engineering from the Enschede Polytechnic (Hogeschool Enschede), the Netherlands, in 1993. Worked at the Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, from Jan 1995 until Aug 2002 as engineer in Digital VLSI.
Since Sep 2002 I worked for the Philips Research spin out Silicon Hive.
Silicon Hive was acquired by Intel Corporation in Feb 2011.
One of the projects I have worked on is a real-time mpeg2 encoder IC named I.McIC. Also presented at the ISSCC 1997 conference.

'MPEG2 Video Encoding in Consumer Electronis'
R.P. Kleihorst, A. van der Werf, W.H.A. Brüls, W.F.J. Verhaegh and E. Waterlander
Journal of VLSI Signal Processing 17, 241-253 (1997)
vlsi97.pdf (PDF 323 kB)

Another project I have worked on is a `Heterogeneous Multi-processor for the Management of Real-time Video & Graphics Streams'. See ISSCC 2000 short conference paper (PDF 120 kB).

'Heterogeneous Multi-Processor for the Management of Real-Time Video & Graphics Streams'
Marino T.J. Strik, Adwin H. Timmer, Jef L. van Meerbergen and Gert-Jan Rootselaar
Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of , Volume: 35 Issue: 11 , Nov. 2000, Page(s): 1722 -1731
IEEE full version paper (PDF 1204 kB)

'Trade Offs in the Design of a Router with Both Guaranteed and Best-Effort Services for Networks on Chip' E. Rijpkema, K.G.W. Goossens, A. Radulescu, J. Dielissen, J. van Meerbergen, P. Wielage, and E. Waterlander
Design Automation and Test Conference (DATE'2003), Munchen, March 2003
date2003.pdf (PDF 686 kB)

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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