Relocatable libintl for MinGW and MinGW-w64.

Here you find a patched version of MinGW libintl dll with builtin relocation support for executables. With this DLL your programs are automatically relocatable. No need to add relocation code to your program source code.

Libintl is part of the gettext (see also here) package. The patch was ported from the GnuWin32 port of libintl, which also has builtin relocation support. Big thanks to GnuWin32 maintainer Kees Zeelenberg. See here.

At the moment the relocation support is only active if you compile with MinGW for Windows. If you compile for Unix/Linux/Cygwin the functionality is unchanged.

MinGW libintl

00-relocatex-libintl- Source code changes (patch file)

This patch for gettext is part of the gettext package version for the MinGW-w64 compiler in the MSYS2 project.

MinGW libintl DLL with builtin relocation support (libintl-8.dll) Development libraries with builtin relocation support
05-relocatex-libintl- Source code changes (patch file)
gettext- Original gettext source code with patches and mgwport build script for MinGW32.

MinGW libintl 0.17 DLL with builtin relocation support (libintl-8.dll)
libintl-0.17-1-reloc-dev-2010-05-19.tar.gz Source code changes (complete files)
libintl-0.17-1-reloc-dev-2010-05-19.patch Source code changes (patch file)
gettext-0.17-1-mingw32-src.tar.bz2 Original gettext source code.

This patch has been submitted to the MinGW project tracker. See here

Upstream gettext maintainers have been notified on May 27 2010 via, but they have not responded yet.


2014-01-08: Patch for gettext
2012-04-15: Patch for gettext
2010-05-19: Compiles on Linux and Cygwin
2010-05-15: Initial version

To do

Make it work at all platforms.


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