ASM - Another Signal Manager

A digital signal processing program for educational purposes.

Aug 27 2023: Version 2.1.0 Samplerate is in Hz instead of 10 Hz. Fixed histogram plot.
Dec 17 2022: Version 2.0.1 Fixed inverse fft.
Dec 3 2022: Version 2.0.0 Java + JavaFX version.
Jul 1 2022: Version 1.1.3. Fixed several bugs and added new keyboard shortcuts for easy changing to another signal and zooming in and out.
Jul 28 2015: Version 1.1.2. Rebuilt Windows executable with latest Allegro 4 library (4.4.2) and recent gcc compiler (gcc 4.9.2, MinGW-w64 32 bit). The previous version 1.1 from 2007 does not run on Windows 8.
Sep 2007: Version 1.1.1. Updated documentation, chapter Introduction.
Jun 2007: Version 1.1. After 10 years I finally took some effort to port ASM for DOS to Windows and Linux. It was a piece of cake. The Allegro graphical library I used for DOS, had become multi-platform in the meantime (Allegro 4.2.1).
Oct 1998: Version 1.0. Retyped the documentation in a condensed version in LaTeX..
Jul 1997: Version 1.0 beta. Ported ASM to DOS using DJGPP (gcc 2.7.2) and Allegro graphical library (version 2.2).
1993: Version 1.0. Initial version on Acorn Archimedes RISC-OS.


Manual, updated Dec 3 2022:

Java + JavaFX version

Binary packages including source code. (89 MB) ASM for Windows. Including JRE and JavaFX.
asm-2.1.0-linux-x64.tar.gz (52 MB) ASM for Linux. Including JavaFX. (8 MB) ASM, jar file only.

GitHub project page
GitHub Web page

Windows version, full screen

Was originally created for DOS ASM 1.1.3 for Windows, including documentation and source code.


RISC OS non-free version

The RISC OS non-free version was on Dutch television in a VPRO Noorderlicht episode called "De klank van de viool" (The sound of the violin) in 1997. ASM is used to analyze violin sound.