ASM - Another Signal Manager

A digital signal processing program for educational purposes.

2022 I'm working on a Java port of ASM. Progress is slow due to limited time.
Jul 1 2022: Version 1.1.3. Fixed several bugs and added new keyboard shortcuts for easy changing to another signal and zooming in and out.
Jul 28 2015: Version 1.1.2. Rebuilt Windows executable with latest Allegro 4 library (4.4.2) and recent gcc compiler (gcc 4.9.2, MinGW-w64 32 bit). The previous version 1.1 from 2007 does not run on Windows 8.
Sep 2007: Version 1.1.1. Updated documentation, chapter Introduction.
Jun 2007: Version 1.1. After 10 years I finally took some effort to port ASM for DOS to Windows and Linux. It was a piece of cake. The Allegro graphical library I used for DOS, had become multi-platform in the meantime (Allegro 4.2.1).
Oct 1998: Version 1.0. Retyped the documentation in a condensed version in LaTeX..
Jul 1997: Version 1.0 beta. Ported ASM to DOS using DJGPP (gcc 2.7.2) and Allegro graphical library (version 2.2).
1993: Version 1.0. Initial version on Acorn Archimedes RISC-OS.



Manual, updated Jul 1 2022:

Download ASM 1.1.3 for Windows, including documentation and source code.